Sustainable Food Systems for Future Cities: The Potential of Urban Agriculture from a Case Study in Nanjing, China

Urbanization is increasing rapidly worldwide, predominantly in developing countries, and thus becoming an issue in addressing food security. In addition to the conflict between sustaining rural agricultural production and the rapid consumption of land by growing urban activities, agricultural areas within or around cities are also being transformed. This is creating a need for diverse and responsive food systems. Cities have a strong role to play in this transition to responsive urban food systems that provide a level of subsidence and supportive services for sustainable food production which urban residents will increasingly depend on. In rapidly urbanizing China, recent policy has focused on national-scale food security and production and does not adequately address the needs or issues of access that the increasingly urban Chinese population faces. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Steffanie Scott


Geoffrey Luehr



Environmental sciences



University of Waterloo



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