Sustainable Neighbourhood Retrofit Action Plan (SNAP) — Program Evaluation and Lessons Learned for Accelerating Environmental Improvement in Established Neighbourhoods

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) has launched a series of pilot Sustainable Neighbourhood Retrofit Action Plan (SNAP) projects in the Greater Toronto Area. Dillon Consulting is a lead consultant in Phase 3 of one of the pilot projects, the County Court SNAP in Brampton, Ontario. The SNAPs bring together residents, businesses, community groups and government agencies to develop a science-based action plan for change that meets the needs of the community. The SNAPs have a broad scope based on a framework of sustainability themes including: water and energy conservation, natural heritage, greening of buildings; and other complementary socio-economic themes. The goal of the research is a SNAP Program Evaluation. The intent is to learn from the three pilot SNAPs that are currently underway, and similar initiatives around the world, to improve the design and delivery of the program in the future, and its transferability to other neighbourhoods within and beyond the Greater Toronto Area.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Laura Taylor


Emily Stewart


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority


Resources and environmental management


Environmental industry


York University



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