Sustainable Vertical Services using GSTC Clouds

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been recognized as one of the main flag ships of global transformation toward a sustainable future, especially because of its capabilities to substitute/virtualize human activities and services. One group of promising ICT approaches to this goal is that of service-based, resource-shared, and virtualized ICT solutions that will be the focus of this project. One of the challenges to be addressed is on how to make ICT a sustainable part of an ICT-dominated world when a marginal role for ICT is not valid in the future. We pursue a actor-based understanding of ICT-related activities, which should be capable to recognize all actors of an ICT-dominated ecosystem and also to assess their responsibility in actions and footprint of every actor involved. Disaggregation of assessments and analyses along various dimensions, including but not limited to those of spatial, temporal, and service, is a fundamental requirement. This disaggregation, which is built on multi-layer graphical representations, fairly covers the whole picture including upstream and downstream activities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohamed Cheriet


Reza Farrahi Moghaddam


Ericsson Canada




Information and communications technologies




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