Sustaining our forests in southwestern Alberta

This MITACS internship will support Julie Fortin, an MSc student whose focus is on developing new techniques for analyzing oblique historical mountain survey images based on the world’s largest systematic collection of historical mountain survey images, the Mountain Legacy Project. Her research is driven by questions about shifts in biodiversity over time, built atop biodiversity data and models developed by Dr. Jason Fisher and his colleagues and crews with Alberta Innovates for Willmore Wilderness. While removed from the landscapes of southwestern Alberta, in which a broader research initiative funding the Foothills Reearch Institute is supporting, the research questions and processes are analogous, and Ms. Fortin’s research will advance an understanding of how best to gain leverage for understanding disturbance ecology from a unique historical dataset of historical survey images. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Higgs


Julie Fortin


Foothills Research Institute


Environmental sciences






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