Synergistic Effects of Environmental Factors on Electrochemical Corrosion and Sulfide Stress Cracking (SSC) of a High?Strength Pipeline Steel

Sour corrosion originated from hydrogen sulfide in the pipeline has detrimental impact on the material’s surface of the pipeline, which ultimately causes cracks and pipeline failure. The mechanism behind this sour corrosion is complex because several environmental factors control the degree of sour corrosion, such as, temperature, acidity of the environment, hydrogen sulfide concentration, chloride ion concentration. This study will provide a clear understanding of how these all factors participate in the corrosion process. Therefore, the outcome of this project will offer better corrosion control management in pipeline sector and more accurate mitigation strategies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ali Nasiri


Abhijit Chatterjee


qualiTEAS Inc




Professional, scientific and technical services


Memorial University of Newfoundland


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