Synthesis of Graphene Quantum Dots with Blue and Red Emissions from Albany Graphite

Among various types of graphitic nanomaterials, graphene quantum dots (GQDs) have ignited tremendous interest in the past few years owing to their small lateral size, quantum confinement, and large perimeter per mass. GQDs are categorized based on their emitting colors (e.g. blue, green, yellow, red and white). Among various emitting colors, GQDs with blue and red emission are of paramount importance and used in a wide array of applications, such as bioimaging, LEDs, transistors, waste-water treatment, solar cells, biosensors and drug delivery. Our industry partner, ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. (“ZEN”), has discovered a large and very rare igneous-related graphite deposit in Northern Ontario called the Albany Graphite Deposit []. This research project aims to generate the knowledge and expertise for ZEN to convert Albany graphite into high-value GQDs. This research project will be conducted by 2 HQP (1 PDF and 1 MASc) over one year with 7 major tasks.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohammad Arjmand;Mohammad H Zarifi


Ali Akbari Sehat;Sara Dordanihaghighi


ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd


Engineering - other


Mining and quarrying




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