System Engineering Methodology for Implementation of Networked Aircraft Control Systems on Distributed Integrated Modular Architecture

Bombardier started a few years ago the development of new architectures for aircraft control systems in a of a larger Internal R&D activity named XDIMA: Highly Integrated Control Systems on Distributed Integrated Modular Architecture. The main hurtle along this activity has been the increase in complexity which requires changes of best engineering practice. One of the main objectives of the proposed R&D project is the definition and evaluation of a novel approach to complex systems design: Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). MBSE will be used to explore new Aircraft systems Architectures. This methodology will help in particular at coping with the complexity of the integration of several real-time embedded Control systems of mixed criticality addressing the challenges of using shared processing and networking resources. The sub-project focuses on methodology development for the optimization of control function assignment on an existing architecture for the use case of the environmental control system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Susan Liscouet-Hanke


Prince Mathew


Bombardier Aerospace


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense




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