System-Level Performance Analysis of Shared Relaying Architecture with Realistic Channel Modeling


Future wireless networks call for seamless coverage and higher data rates at low infrastructure cost. Cooperative relaying strategies are among the most promising of future technological solutions toward achieving this goal. The proposed research project intends to evaluate the system-level performance of a specific relaying architecture called the shared relaying network. To quantify the benefit of this network, intelligent wireless resource management schemes will be developed using efficient mathematical optimization tools. Based on these schemes, simulation platform will be built for systematic performance evaluation. In order to obtain accurate and reliable assessment results, realistic wireless heterogeneous channel modeling software from SIRADEL will be used. The results are

expected to provide insights on the advantages of the shared relaying architecture as compared to other solutions. These insights will be helpful in extending the capabilities of the SIRADEL's software product for future advanced wireless solutions, which is of great interest to SIRADEL’s customers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Wei Yu


Yicheng Lin




Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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