System on Chip for aerospace embedded equipment

The aeronautic and aerospace industries are exploring new approached to reduce the mass of cables, bulky electronic systems. This rationally leads onto aircraft weight reduction as well as the amount of CO2 and greenhouse gas emitted by aircrafts. To reduce the mass of cables, power harvesting technique could be utilized. In this approach, the energy needed to power on electronic systems can be harvested from available and reliable sources such as vibration, passenger’s seat heat, data line idle states etc. Merging/embedding different electronic systems in a single chip could be another alternative. In this approach, massive electronic modules are miniaturized in a so-called SoC. Having had above techniques, it is anticipated to have better international green environment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohamad Sawan


Mohammad Honarparvar


Thales Canada Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Aerospace and defense




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