Tailoring the Anisotropy of First-Row Transition Metal and Their Interactions

The proposed collaboration project between the Richeson and Journaux groups has a primary purpose of identifying new magnetic phenomena derived from common, inexpensive transition metals. The focus is on compounds containing cobalt and iron metal centers since these metals have larger than usual magnetic anisotropies. In order to design these compounds, specific chemical groups will be bonded to them in order to direct their behaviour. Prior research has shown promising candidates for this approach using bis(imino)pyridine, which will be a good starting points. The effect of studying the correlations between different bonded substituents, variation of the metal centers and these effects on the magnetism of the compounds will lead to the discovery of novel magnetic compounds in a rational way. These magnetic molecules can then be used to create single molecule magnets (SMM) which have a wide range of application including quantum computing, high density information storage and magnetic refrigeration.

Faculty Supervisor:

Darrin Richeson


Jeremy Dawkins






University of Ottawa



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