Teaching robotics programming in conjunction with virtual simulation software: An evaluation of learning behaviors in secondary students

Studies have indicated a positive correlation between teaching robotic programming using a virtual platform with speed of learning and deeper level understanding. We will study how students learn when provided with just physical robots, just virtual robotics software, and both in conjunction with each other. This study will also attempt to assess indicators of learning that are more in line with the direction of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), under the assumption that they will be more relevant to modern students, educators, and the corporations in relevant fields. Students who utilize a more interactive or constructive mode of learning have been shown to achieve a deeper level of understanding compared to passive or even active learning. Therefore, this study will focus more on the learning behaviors of the students as a reflection of true learning, as opposed to testing for the content itself.

Faculty Supervisor:

Richard Hechter


Michael Zurba


Cogmation Robotics








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