Technological advancements for data collection in animal research

The proposed research project is to program artificial intelligence, as produced by technology company EAIGLE, to monitor animals’ behaviour at the Toronto Zoo. The program will be capable of distinguishing where animals are in their enclosures, between individual animals, and which behaviours they are producing under different contexts. This technology will allow zoos, conservation areas, and researchers to monitor how animals interact with their enclosures and throughout the day, allowing for improved habitats and improved data collection for future experiments. Dr. Jenna Congdon will gain experience with an industrial partner in assisting with the production of technology that is the first of its kind, EAIGLE will be provided with the expertise required to program their proposed artificial intelligence, and the Toronto Zoo will receive the technology necessary to monitor their enclosures and individual animals to ensure for the well-being of their animals.

Faculty Supervisor:

Suzanne MacDonald


Jenna Congdon







York University


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