Technology Strategy Analysis for Resilience Software


A frequent prescription for managers tasked with leading a company’s technology assets (e.g., Chief Information Officers) is that the firm’s business strategy should lead the firm’s technology strategy. However, many firms, technology firms in particular, find themselves in the opposite position: having a technology resource that can alter the firm’s business strategy. In such a case, questions arise as to the appropriate business response. Resilience Inc. – a software company located in Vancouver, BC – faces exactly that issue. This firm has a mature presence in the medical education market and offers two software applications to serve that market. It now owns an application designed to provide an affordable and fully integrated data management application for police personnel management. This product would allow Resilience to serve an entirely new and vastly different market from that of medical education, namely, law enforcement. This research will investigate whether such a market penetration should proceed and, if so, how. The research will shed light on the market potential, the synergies with Resilience’s present assets, and in general how firms can adapt their business strategy to the ever changing capabilities of technology assets at their disposal.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ron Cenfetelli


Dharini Sundaram


Resilience Software




Information and communications technologies


University of British Columbia



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