Temperature Prediction using Machine Learning

Synauta is a startup bringing the world’s best Internet of Things solutions to water utilities. Our deep industry knowledge prepares utilities for true connectivity to realize energy savings. We provide cyber security, sensors and software. In this project we will create a temperature prediction algorithm to save energy for water treatment plants. More energy can be saved if operators can plan to make more treated water when temperatures are high and less treated water when temperatures are lower. Over a week, the amount of water produced would be the same, but less energy would be used. To do this, Synauta requires a temperature prediction algorithm that can forecast the temperature of water into the future. This technology will provide customers with clear dollar savings as energy can be a major portion of opex costs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Qing Zhao


Saman Dehghanbanadaki


Synauta Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Alberta



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