Terahertz surface plasmon near-field sensor for material sensing applications

In this project, we plan to address the specific problem that TeTechS Inc is facing at this stage of its product development project, which is collecting a complete set of measurement data for an array of organic materials with different levels of purity and demonstrate the capability of its proprietary terahertz sensing techniques to qualify and quantify purity and integrity of organic LED (OLED) materials with the level of precision required in OLED deposition and material purification processes. Materials used in organic electronics pose a significant opportunity for terahertz measurement applications. TeTechS have performed research on a subset of materials used in organic electronics can demonstrate the effectiveness of its measurement system in detection and quantification of the materials signatures. We believe that TeTechS’ technology can serve in many stages of organic electronics production and enhance the quality of end products in the organic electronic industry. There is currently no terahertz system on the market to address this problem in the OLED market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bo Cui


Daniel Hailu


TeTechs Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Waterloo



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