Test-taker perceptions of an occupation-specific language proficiency test: Evaluating workforce access for internationally educated nurses in Canada

The objective of this research project is to study the perceptions of internationally educated nurses who are taking a language proficiency test, the Canadian English Language Benchmarks Assessment for Nurses (CELBAN) in order to practice nursing in Canada. Since effective communication is critical to quality healthcare, the CELBAN has an important role in evaluating the language skills of internationally educated nurses intending to work in Canada. This research, by gathering data on the perceptions of CELBAN test-takers on how the test impacts their access to the workforce, will aid the CELBAN developers (Touchstone Institute), in the ongoing evaluation and development of this assessment’s reliability and validity as a measure of English language proficiency for nursing professionals. The findings of this study can help provide evidence to inform regulatory policy to facilitate reliable and coherent labour force deployment of qualified nursing professionals who have immigrated to Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gregory Tweedie


Lei Tian


Touchstone Institute






University of Calgary



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