Testing of a Collar-Mounted Airbag to Protect Against Neck Injuries and Concussions

Hockey parents are worried about rising concussion rates. Currently no sports equipment protects against concussions. Hockey players aged under 18, must wear a neck guard for protection against skate blade cuts. Recently, a redesigned hockey neck guard, using an impact sensor and airbag technology was conceptualized. We want to test whether airbag inflation upon direct or indirect hit to the head/face/neck/upper body, can simulate “neck bracing,” and reduce neck injuries and concussion risk caused by whiplash or rotational movement of the head/neck. These latter movements often cause more severe concussions than those from direct hits to the head. In this project, Strathum Solutions Inc. will benefit from York University’s technical expertise to begin the initial phase of research towards proof-of-concept testing. This project will focus on the electronics system, specifically, to verify the previously designed sensor system, and develop and implement falls/hits algorithm into the microcontroller.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Lian


Yang Zhao


Strathum Solutions Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Medical devices




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