Textile Sensor Development for an EMG muscle activity monitoring system

GestureLogic is building a product that optimizes athletic performance. The product is a wearable sensory network that monitors muscle activity. The goal of this research is to take this inherently complex muscle data that is acquired by the sensory network and translate it to useful biometrics for the consumer with the help of intelligent algorithms. The algorithms will help intuitively visualize important metrics such as strength of muscle contractions, heart rate and fatigue. The benefit to the partner organization is twofold. The research will help advance the organizations core product, increasing the organizations time to market. By solving some of the key problems associated with the product, the internship will also help de-risk the company’s product cycle for future investors.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Leonard MacEachern


Tim Inglis


GestureLogic Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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