Texture Synthesis for Visual Effects: Improving Quality and Decreasing Computation Times

This proposal focuses on the automatic creation of color textures for 3D objects found in virtual content for movies, television, and advertisements. Such color details could correspond to the color variations seen at the surface of fabric or concrete. Another example of the problems we want to address consists of automatically creating color details for an animation of liquids such as mud. The solutions will reduce the computation times, increase the realism, and enable some methods to synthesize a broader variety of color textures. The software prototypes of our research will be made available to our industrial partner. With the improved speed and quality, the new tools will provide the industrial partner with an edge over its competitors. The scientific publications of the results will also allow the Canadian computer graphics community to benefit from the research.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Paquette


Valentin Vervondel


Digital District Canada


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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