The Academic Physician Retirement Project

This research project will investigate retirement planning among academic physicians within the Department of Medicine (DOM) at the University of Toronto. The overall objective of this project is to investigate the range of perspectives held by members of the DOM about retirement and to develop a later career transition assessment tool that will facilitate institutional succession planning and enhance individual adjustment to retirement. This assessment tool will be developed based on three subprojects: analyses of a survey instrument administered to the entire DOM, interviews conducted with a purposive subsample, and validating the tool. Findings from this project will have implications for retirement planning within the University Health Network in Toronto and that are potentially relevant to succession planning at other institutions employing individuals with strong work identities. Hay Group will benefit from the addition of validated and generalizable later career transition tool.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michelle Pannor Silver


Kristen Pitzul


Hay Group Health Care Consulting




Life sciences


University of Toronto



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