The additive effects of foam rolling and Biofreeze on range of motion, pain threshold and submaximal force production task to failure

Research has shown that rolling muscles can increase flexibility without hindering performance as well as to heighten pressure pain threshold. It was also shown that topically applied gels, which contain menthol, result in a cooling sensation and reduce the sensation of pain. While both modalities are suggested to influence pain perception through different pathways, their interactive effects have never been examined. As such, with this study we aim to investigate the additive effects of foam rolling the muscles in addition to applying a topical gel containing menthol (Biofreeze) on pressure pain threshold, range of motion, and a submaximal effort task completed to exhaustion. Over four sessions participants will visit the laboratory and complete one of the four conditions: 1) foam roll, 2) apply biofreeze 3) foam roll + Biofreeze, 4) apply a placebo like cream to their dominant leg prior to being testing on the three outcome measures.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Behm


Israel Halperin


Performance Health




Medical devices




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