The application of Dried Blood Spot samples to Nutraceutical Metabolomics studies and related applications using LCMS based detection

The current approach for testing compounds of interest in blood such as drugs or nutrients involves drawing blood samples into vials that then require refrigeration prior to testing. Since transportation to remote laboratories is challenging, people need to go into medical labs to have their blood tested. This research will develop improved techniques that enable blood samples to be collected from a finger prick onto a specially designed card that eliminates biohazards and makes the sample stable at room temperature so that it could be mailed or sent by courier to a lab. This work will develop blood collection cards that make analysis simpler and more efficient. Ultimately, individuals may be able to collect their own blood samples at home and send these to labs for analysis rather than needing to go to a lab to have their blood drawn. In short this research will improve access to blood testing. Word count:

Faculty Supervisor:

Liang Li


Ameneh Gholami


Supra Research and Development






University of Alberta



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