The ARGO Analytics Engine

For producers of film and TV, extending a brand into the digital space can be a daunting enterprise. Estimating how successful a Twitter campaign or an Alternate Reality Game has been in fostering the proliferation and audience goodwill towards a TV or Film entity can be a frustratingly inscrutable endeavor. Even if a campaign seems to have been a critical success–the copious amounts of textual and statistical data at-hand can make it nearly impossible to find out what went right–less, what went wrong. ARGO seeks to solve this problem.

With ARGO, Zeros 2 Heroes wants to produce a decision support dashboard for producers in film and television who are looking to promote or extend their property through online digital campaigns. This tool would draw on, convert and synthesize local and remote qualitative and quantitative resources to reliably generate reports on a digital media campaign’s effectiveness while also indicating the prospective success of a producer’s next steps in said campaign’s deployment. In essence, ARGO is a tool that helps producers separate the signal from the noise in their digital campaigns, and then helps them communicate that signal to other crucial collaborators.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. John Bowes


Nis Bojin & Milena Droumeva


Zeros 2 Heroes Media


Interactive arts and technology


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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