The Challenges of Curating Latin American Cinema in the 21st Century

Curatorial studies is a well-established field of research in the visual arts. However, curating and programming are probably among the most understudied areas in film and media scholarship. While I participate in defining the official selection of Latin American movies for the 2017 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival, I will gather tools to attempt answering the following questions: Which films are prioritized for exhibition and why? How can a film festival contribute to the development of ethnic inclusions? My goal is not only to contribute new academic knowledge to the field of Latin America film programming but also to encourage new appreciations of this region’s audiovisual culture among TIFF’s audiences, which could potentially raise the number of people interested in attending the Latin American section’s screenings.

Faculty Supervisor:

Victoria Ruetalo


Zaira Zarza Blanco


Toronto International Film Festival Inc


Cultural studies


Media and communications




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