The Core Connectors Initiative

The proposed study evaluates The Core Connectors Initiative (CCI), a high school-based suicide prevention program designed to help youth gain peer support skills and mental health knowledge. CCI involves two phases, a 14-module training phase and an action phase. Facilitators who have backgrounds in counselling psychology or related disciplines will pilot the program in 5 high schools. CCI is based on a peer education suicide prevention program, Youth as Gatekeepers (Ohlmann, Kwee, & Lees, 2014). Through a partnership between AAF and the UBC’s Centre for Group Counselling and Trauma (CGCT), the goal is to develop an excellent and well-researched program available as a resource for high schools to systemically address mental health concerns among youth. This partnership aligns with the mandates of both organizations: CGCT is focused on advancing group counselling initiatives, while AAF aims to prevent and address mental health challenges faced by
youth by fostering healthy social connections.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marvin Westwood


Carmen Huang


Adam's Apples Foundation








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