The effect of fire cycle and fire severity on the presence of black spruce, jack pine, and trembling aspen in the boreal forest of Canada in the context of climate change

Projected climate change is expected to alter fire regimes across the boreal forest, which in turn will affect forest community structure, composition and diversity. The intern will examine the effects of changes in climate, and by extension, fire cycle, on the presence of three most common tree species in the boreal forest of Canada. Specifically, he will be tasked with developing a model capable of simulating the presence of black spruce, jack pine, and trembling aspen under varying fire cycles. Since these three tree species are so widespread, and the main targets of forest industry, it is essential that we increase our understanding of how a changing climate might affect their abundance and presence. This project fits very well into the two main research themes of the partner organization: Climate Science and Vulnerabilities, and Impacts & Adaptation. Expected results, and potential publications arising from this work will further bolster the company’s already extensive academic record.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yves Bergeron


Tadeusz Bartek Splawinski


Ouranos Inc




Environmental industry




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