The effect of increased levels of converter based power generation on the voltage stability of a power system

As a result of the advancement of renewable energy and power electronic (PE) converter technologies, renewable energy sources are increasingly interfaced to the grid through PE based interconnections such as Voltage Sourced Converters (VSC) and Modular Multi-level Converters (MMC). It is essential to model and predict the behavior and effects of these components in the power system for safe and reliable operation. This proposed research project will focus on how renewable sources connected to the grid through PE converters, affect the stability power transmission system. In the first stage, Real Time Digital Simulation (RTDS) models will be developed for the case studies. Both theoretical analysis and simulations will be used to understand and demonstrate the effect of PE converters in power transmission system. In the second stage, studies will be extended to a meshed network and frequency stability of the system due to increased levels of PE converters will also be considered.

Faculty Supervisor:

Udaya Annakkage


Thilini Maheshika Kumari Hathiyaldeniye Mudiyansela


RTDS Technologies Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical






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