The effect of probiotic supplementation on sleep, depression-like behavior, and central glucose and lactate metabolism in male and female pubertal mice exposed to chronic sleep disruption.

Depression is a common and dangerous mental disorder. Depression can develop during puberty after repeat exposure to stress. In our past studies, we found that both male and female pubertal mice will show depressive behaviour after experiencing repeated sleep disruptions. Interestingly, there is a substance called lactate that is produced in humans and mice that may also improve sleep and reduce depression. Certain probiotics, or healthy bacteria, make this lactate will living in the stomachs of humans and mice. We wish to investigate whether these probiotics can increase lactate in sleep disrupted mice and report how probiotic treatment effects sleep and depression. Electrodes will be inserted in the brains of sleep disrupted mice to monitor lactate and sleep patterns following probiotic treatment. Depression will be measured with behavioral tests. We expect that probiotic treatment will increase lactate in the brain and improve sleep and depressive behaviour.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nafissa Ismail


Michael Murack


Lallemand Health Solutions Inc






University of Ottawa



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