The effects of coated zinc oxide intake on growth performance, zincabsorption and gut health in weanling rats

Zinc deficiency during the post-weaning period is known to cause adverse health outcomes such as impairment of growth and diarrhea. Zinc supplement seems to critical in achieving positive growth responses, but a high dose of zinc is concerned to be toxic and cause a large amount of zinc excretion, resulting in environmental pollution. Thus, the purpose of this project is to investigate the effects of a lower dose of zinc supplement, coated zinc oxide, on growth performance and gut health in weanling animals. Successful completion of this research will provide information on the effects of coated zinc oxide on the health of weanling animals and its beneficial effects on reducing environmental pollution. This study will support IGY Inc in efficacy and safety evaluation of company’s new product lines.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sunwoo Hoon


Aleida Song


IGY Inc.


Pharmacy / Pharmacology






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