The Epidemiology of Fabry Disease and Metabolic Acidosis in Manitoba – Year Two

The proposed project is for the postdoctoral fellow to access healthcare data for individual adults in the province of Manitoba in order to: 1) determine the rates of metabolic acidosis in Manitoba along with associated outcomes and risk factor profiles and 2) identify patients in Manitoba who are at high risk of Fabry disease but currently undiagnosed in order to facilitate disease screening and improve patient care. The postdoctoral fellow will use their statistical and programming expertise to link various datasets of physician visits, hospitalizations, laboratory results and drug prescriptions via a scrambled patient health number that is tied to a unique patient but unidentifiable to any researcher so to protect privacy. The postdoctoral fellow will conduct statistical analyses and then will compile their results into several reports complete with text, tables and figures to be presented to our clients. They will also create manuscripts based on their reports that will be suitable for publication in an academic medical journal. This project will help the partner (CDIC) understand the epidemiology of important chronic diseases, provide synergies with ongoing clinical trials conducted at CDIC, and will help establish CDIC as a capable research partner within the pharmaceutical industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Komenda


Mohammad Nourohammadi


Seven Oaks Chronic Disease Innovation Centre Inc


Epidemiology / Public health and policy



University of Manitoba



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