The Invention and Early History of IMAX

IMAX is a Canadian-born invention that has had little scholarly investigation despite its continued commercial success. The importance of this research project stems from the lack of scholarly research about the beginnings of IMAX as a Canadian-born invention and its place within the history media technology. In celebration of IMAX’s 50th anniversary, The Public Access Collective, through their project entitled XL-Outer Worlds, will be commissioning five Canadian artists to create new large-format films in order to foreground the Invention of IMAX, explore the technological and aesthetic imaginaries of the early years of the Invention. In 2019 XL-Outer Worlds will be showcasing the commissioned films at Cinesphere (the first permanent IMAX theatre) in Toronto in addition to other IMAX venues across Canada. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Robert Allison


Aimée Mitchell


Public Access


Engineering - computer / electrical


Media and communications




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