The Local Food Economy: Economics and Significant Gaps

Vancouver is a city that is rich in history and is recognized not only as a premiere city, it continually ranks among the worlds best. The city’s diverse breadth of employment, activities and people has vastly influenced the way food is grown, consumed and celebrated. Strategic infrastructure investment, one of the guiding principles championed by the Vancouver Economic Development Commission, has inspired the development of this study. It is crucial that the food industry maintains its integrity given the importance to other related industries in the Lower Mainland. Supporting the research purpose to determine local food industry needs beyond the farm, are two key objectives: 1)Conduct an audit of the local food economy, which includes a detailed evaluation of needs,demand, supply and security 2)Identify critical gaps and challenges within the local food system, followed by detailed recommendations to meet these challenges To facilitate this research, the intern will collaborate will all stakeholders, initially to seek understanding and then proffer a framework that supports the VEDC to further enhance its strategic relationship with the City of Vancouver.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. James Tansey


Chris Hild


Vancouver Economic Development Commission




Finance, insurance and business


University of British Columbia



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