The Power of Peer Support: The Development and Evaluation of JAVAGROUPS-digital

Social isolation and loneliness have become a global public health concern affecting the majority of seniors living in care settings and seniors living in the community. Due to COVID-19 and physical distancing these numbers are dramatically increasing. Java Group Programs have developed three evidence-based peer support and mentoring programs that offer emotional support through structured weekly programs. The Java programs are already implemented in over 1100 communities in Canada and the US. The problem is thousands of vulnerable seniors who have benefited from these programs are now being deprived, and the burden this places on staff to fill this gap cannot be overstated. Therefore, this research project will develop and evaluate a digital adaptation of one of the Java programs, called the Java Music Club, to support socially isolated seniors during this pandemic and beyond. This research may bring tangible economic benefits to Canadians through facilitating emotional wellness among seniors.

Faculty Supervisor:

Albert Danison;Alexandra J Fiocco


Alec Bellinghausen Pagliarussi;Alexander Koumarianos;Su Ho Kang;Geneva Millett


Java Group Programs



Health care and social assistance




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