The Psychometric Development and Validation of the Canadian Reconciliation Barometer

Reconciling the deep-seated inequities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada is perhaps Canada’s most pressing goal. Yet at present, there is neither an agreed-upon definition of reconciliation nor a way to measure it, complicating progress toward it. To address this gap, in the current research we will develop the Canadian Reconciliation Barometer. Specifically, in collaboration with Probe Research, we will: (1) Use best practices in measurement science to create the Canadian Reconciliation Barometer, (2) Create an inhouse panel to begin long-term of tracking reconciliation in Canada, and (3) Share our findings with Canadians. Probe Research will benefit from this project as it will advance their goal of understanding Indigenous and non-Indigenous relations in Canada, increase their national profile, and gain access to a unique and valuable panel of research participants.

Faculty Supervisor:

Katherine Staryzk


Katelin Neufeld


Probe Research




Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Manitoba


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