The review of the numerical analytical methods used in contamination monitoring

This project is mainly about the investigation of the reliability of the computer-aided calculations used in conjunctions with the electronic instruments employed to detect radioactive contamination that may be deposited on surfaces such as a human skin. The investigations will be carried out using scientific theories including mathematical and statistical techniques as well as experiments to determine the levels of energies emitted by the contaminant radioactive material. The international standards, which have been developed through a transparent and consensus seeking process among the nuclear industrial stakeholders including consumers, experts and governments, will be used to benchmark the accuracy of the research results. Since the radiation monitors manufactured by CANBERRA Company will be used in the experiments, the outcome of this research effort may inform this company’s possible improvement of the performance of its monitors and their compliance with best international practice. This compliance will also benefit CANBERRA commercially because of the probable increase of the clients’ confidence in its technological products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Rachid Machrafi


Ernest Mojalefa Murphy







Ontario Tech University



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