The role of cyclodextrins in repairing dysfunctional lung surfactant

My work will provide an important insight of the newly developed S1229. Cyclodextrins (S1229) are cyclic molecule composed of 7-sugars, with a unique structure. S1229 forms a hydrophobic core, which interacts with cholesterol and phospholipid by-products and removing them from the membrane. SolAeroMed has shown that S1229 was able to repair lung surfactant function. Lung surfactant is protein-lipid mixture covering the air-water interphase in the lung. Surfactant is an essential component of healthy lung function and without it, breathing would be near impossible. Therefore, to build on the information SolAeroMed has for S1229, the project will answer crucial questions for the successful clinical development of S1229. By understanding which CD sub-class shows better ability to repair the surfactant film, examine toxicity and possible side effects, SolAeroMed would be better equipped for the development of S1229 and commercializing it.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chang-Chun Ling


Mustafa Al-Saiedy


SolAeroMed Inc




Life sciences




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