The simulation of multiple interacting garments as an outfit on a tailored avatar

For the online customer, confidence in the purchase of a garment depends on the effectiveness of sizing charts and how the garment would appear as part of an entire outfit. Unfortunately, it is difficult for the customer to precisely predict how the product would fit when worn and just how well the garment coordinates with others. This often leads to consumer regret and an increase in product returns, incurring substantial costs for clothing retailers. A potential solution to this problem is the use of computer models to provide a preview of the fit and look of garments while worn on an avatar representing the online customer, much like a virtual fitting room. The expected deliverable of this project is the development of software capable of simulating the fit and appearance of multiple interacting garments as an outfit on an avatar based on spatial measurements. The partner organization will benefit by gaining access to the developed software, which is marketable to online customers, online clothing retailers, clothing designers, and clothing manufacturers. The software will enhance the experience of the online customer and reduce the cost of returns for clothing retailers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Raymond Spiteri


Sean James Trim


Clear Skies Developments


Computer science


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Saskatchewan


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