The Space Between

This project explores the space between the users and Kodak’s products. It focuses on the application of user‐centered design research methodologies and techniques to define opportunities surrounding Kodak products’ usability, workflow and user experience. Specific and extensive research will be done on Kodak products. These products can be installed in a variety of combinations, and used by customers, who expect a high level of integration and efficiency across the multiple Kodak products installed in their plant. The intern will be focusing on 2 sets of users: the print companies and their print‐buying clients. Through the intern’s research initiative they will investigate the following questions: How are these products used and in what combinations? What is the task flow? What design principles can best guide to a better unified workflow experience? This research project will look at the information required by one or both sets of users and analyze how to create a more unified workflow and user experience.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jim Budd


Sara Salevati


Kodak Graphic Communications Canada Company


Architecture and design


Finance, insurance and business


Emily Carr University of Art and Design



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