The State of Bonne Bay: An Historical and Contemporary Study of the Littoral and Marine Ecology

This project will contribute to an assessment of the historical and contemporary “state of the environment” of Bonne Bay. The aim is to establish the extent to which its marine and littoral ecosystems are resilient and “healthy”, and what changes, if any, have occurred in recent decades to its physical, biological and ecological components. These would include pelagic and demersal fish, marine plants, tides, water temperature and chemistry. Particular attention will be paid to the diversity and habitats of fish and other marine organisms, as well as to estuaries, shorelines and deltas. An historical picture will be developed to show, where present, the ecosystem effects of human-induced activities around the Bay, as well as changes related to weather and climate. The study will be based on existing documents and databases, as well as interviews with local fishers and scientists familiar with Bonne Bay.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephen Decker


Hadiya Bamragha


Friends of Bonne Bay


Environmental sciences


Other services (except public administration)


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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