The use of drama in middle school classrooms to enhance learning

Drama is a unique and effective way to help students understand and retain information in the classroom. Studies have shown that drama can increase creativity, insight and retention (O’Hara, 1984, p. 314). Drama is especially useful when it is used cross-curricularly (educational lessons that cover more than one subject). My proposed research project will focus on how drama is used in classrooms in Chongqing, China. I am not necessarily focusing on specific drama classes but looking for how drama is used in “non-drama” subjects. I am interested in how drama is used in the classroom to enhance students’ learning. I hope to discover new skills and techniques that help students learn and hope that I can utilize those teaching styles in my own future classroom. I am excited for the potential opportunity to explore diverse classrooms to develop me as a well-rounded person and future educator. O’Hara, M. (1984). Drama in education: A curriculum dilemma. Theory Into Practice, 23(4), 314–320. doi:10.1080/00405848409543133

Faculty Supervisor:

Shijing Xu


Alaura Tiffin






University of Windsor



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