The use of inertial measurement units to quantify sport-specific movement patterns in elite sprint kayak athletes

Canoe kayak athletes use difficult body movements to move their boats at fast speeds. It has been hard to measure body movements that are needed to win paddling races in the past. Wearable devices are now able to measure athlete’s body movements when they are paddling. The goal of this research is to learn new ways to give athletes information about their movements so they can be better at their sport. The intern will learn how to use the wearable devices to help the athlete’s become faster paddlers. The intern will also work with a group of partners that will help grow the intern’s sport science abilities. Canoe Kayak Canada and Own The Podium are using this research to help athletes win medals for Canada at future Olympics and Paralympics.

Faculty Supervisor:

Janie Wilson


Joshua Goreham


Canoe Kayak Canada


Engineering - biomedical


Life sciences


Dalhousie University



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