The Value of Arts and Culture for Community Cohesion

Although the social, economic, and cultural importance of the arts is generally acknowledged, few studies have collected data on how community members (whether engaged in the arts or not) perceive the value of the arts within their community. This study examines public perceptions of the arts within Saskatchewan’s urban and rural communities. Using a mixed-methods research design that includes a random sample telephone survey and qualitative community-based consultations, the project examines the role of the arts in fostering community cohesion, revealing important insights on the social value and meaning of the arts. The study may also expose significant barriers and facilitators for the arts, and social interconnection more broadly, within rural communities, contributing important insights to the work of arts organizations and cultural policy development.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amber Fletcher


Allison Patton


Saskatchewan Arts Alliance




Management of companies and enterprises


University of Regina



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