Therapeutics and Catalysts for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic will require a multi-pronged therapeutic approach that will draw on the expertise of biochemists, virologists, medicinal chemists and synthetic chemists. First-line tactics directly attack the virus itself. This will be done in the form of small-molecule antivirals that inhibit the development of virus particles during infection and replication. Secondary effects of COVID-19 include bacterial infection that sets in when the lungs undergo inflammation and fibrosis, which is a significant contributor to mortality. The team assembled through Carleton (Professor Jeff Manthorpe PI) is well set up through its existing 16-month relationship with Total Synthesis Ltd. (TSL) to work on the necessary synthetic and medicinal chemistry and associated catalyst development to make these challenging drug candidates, which will be screened for antiviral and antibacterial properties in biochemistry labs at McMaster U and uOttawa.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jeffrey Manthorpe


Sepideh Sharif;Mathieu Morin;Monica Gill;Nalin Chandrasoma;Ryan Sullivan


Total Synthesis Ltd






Carleton University


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