Thermal imaging for conservation and restoration success

Land surface temperature can tell us a lot about the health of ecosystems, forests and trees. Generally, the healthier, greener and more diverse a forest is, the colder it is, as plants use solar energy to grow, rather than releasing it as heat. This project focuses on using images of temperature measurements from satellites, space station and drones to monitor the health and development of conservation and restoration areas and find patches where the plants are stressed, and therefore hotter, due to disease, drought, pests or any other issue. Temperature monitoring will help the TRCA in allowing for quicker implementation counter-measures in the stressed patches, including treating diseases, putting up fencing or planting new, more tolerant plants. Land temperature measurements will also help them determine where and what to plant for the future depending on where it can lower temperatures the most and where plants will be tolerant and thrive.

Faculty Supervisor:

Patrick James


Jonas Hamberg


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority





University of Toronto


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