Time-series forecasting

The Internet of things is a global infrastructure that enables advanced services by interconnecting physical and virtual things like smartphones, sensors, computers, machines or buildings. These devices typically create enormous amounts of data that can be used to create business value. Mnubo offers a software dubbed Smart Objects that is a comprehensive, full stack IoT data platform, which allows enterprises to transform IoT data into critical insights that can be used for maximizing their profit (e.g. In agriculture, one could optimize the irrigation rate to maximize crop production). In this context, small gains in the accuracy of their forecast results in big rewards for their clients, therefore, in order to stay relevant, Mnubo has invested heavily in time series prediction models. In this project our goal is to improve upon the forecasting models that Mnubo has already implemented.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yoshua Bengio


Charles Ashby-Léporé


Mnubo Inc


Computer science


Information and cultural industries


Université de Montréal



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