To analyze and identify White Box techniques that can be used to protect cryptographic operations of various ciphers, starting with SM4 Symmetric Block Cipher

White-box cryptography seeks to maintain the secrecy of cryptographic keys used by software, despite an attacker having full control over the software. This project extends the work by Dr. Lin on the Chinese cipher SM4, as well as its application to a further cipher.
The goal of this project is: 1) To implement a complete white-box design of SM4 based on the concepts, and to implement tests, as identified by Dr. Lin; and then to determine the level of security that has been achieved. 2) To repeat point 1, but in which SM4 is replaced by a second cipher, for which we expect to select one of SHA2, SHA3, SM3 or ECC during the second half-year of the project based on market analysis and customer feedback.
The deliverable of the first part of this project will be the first generation of white-box SM4 implementation, which will put Irdeto in a strong position to improve its market presence and influence in China and to benefit from the Chinese market. Development of a white-box version of a widely used cipher selected by Irdeto for the second phase will maintain and extend this position in the Chinese market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohammad Zulkernine


Tingting Lin


Irdeto Canada


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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