Tongue motion analysis using ultrasound images

Ultrasound imaging is an ideal tool for studying the tongue motions involved in speech as it provides very rich information while being relatively inexpensive and non invasive. Its use has thus become widespread among speech scientists.

The analysis of ultrasound video sequences of the moving tongue poses a number of challenges pertaining to the reliable extraction, tracking and analysis of the moving tongue contour. The goal of this project is to develop new automated and interactive statistical tools to analyze tongue shape and motion as they pertain to interesting questions in the field of speech science. An example of such a question might be, “how does tongue motion differ in children and adults during speech?”. To answer such questions, the student will study, implement and compare various techniques from the field of pattern recognition.

The project will be carried out in collaboration with speech scientist Prof. Lucie Ménard, who leads the Phonetics Laboratory at University of Quebec in Montreal’s department of linguistics.

Faculty Supervisor:

Catherine Laporte


Anubhuti Mittal



Engineering - computer / electrical





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