Tooliaba Tool Rental Platform SAAS UX/UI Testing and Development

Tooliaba is a web based software as a service platform that provides coordinated rental of tools and equipment. The research project into the site will test the UX/UI viability as well as the overall user experience. The desired project is the creation of a well-designed, user friendly app/MVP (minimum viable product) that follows good UI/UX design principles. The app will allow users to rent tools online. Many people working on home improvement or building projects require specialized tools for one time use. This makes the projects expensive and the tools are never used once the project is completed. This app will allow the reuse of tools (a greener way) as well as lower the cost of projects. The app will allows tool owners to easily register and rent their tools online. It will allow tool users the ability to rent tools based on their timeline need.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephen Lawrence;Goerge Allen


Hongming Li




Computer science


Construction and infrastructure


Red River College



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