Topological Network Analysis for Transportation and Water Management Systems

The main goal of this project is to develop a general set of computational solutions that could be used to prevent and manage emergency situations in transportation and water management networks by developing a monitoring and predictive model. This monitoring and predictive model will be based on topological data analysis (TDA) in a fashion similar to the model used in systems biology but here applied to Big Data provided by transportation, communication and water management systems. The TDA thanks to its proactive approach – utilizing different sources and their correlations and generating data interpretation and association – will evolve towards creating “business intelligence” and will improve transportation and water management safety at a system level and crisis management. This methodology is based on the study of dynamic predictive models related to individual and / or collective behavior as well, especially inspired by the models produced by systems biology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jack Tuszynski


Mark Healey


Mowat Technologies Inc


Physics / Astronomy


Environmental industry


University of Alberta



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