Topology and handover management scheme for satellite networks toenable seamless terrestrial and satellite networks integration

In the near future, a large quantity of satellites will be used to provide Internet and communication services everywhere on Earth. Most of these satellites will be moving at very high speeds on orbits close to Earth which implies the satellites will be moving relative to a user on the ground. As a result, the links between the ground and the satellite will experience frequent disconnections; a user will be disconnected from a satellite rapidly moving out of sight and the connection will be re-established with another satellite coming into view. This research aims at proposing a topology and handover management scheme to enable the seamless switching of satellite links from one satellite to another. The scheme handles the IPv6 addresses assignment to satellites based on the changes in the satellite network topology. In addition, it manages the process of switching the ground-satellite links between satellites (i.e. the handover process). Moreover, the scheme considers the situation where a group of ground users need to switch their links simultaneously because of satellites movement. This research will be an integral part of the coming mobility management solutions that MDA is pursuing for future satellite networks.

Faculty Supervisor:

Halim Yanikomeroglu;Gunes Karabulut Kurt


Tasneem S J Darwish


MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.


Engineering - computer / electrical




Carleton University


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